Search and Apply to Projects:

How It Works


Receive project alerts ahead of your competition.

1. Get Rated
Pick a project you nailed and ask a satisfied customer to rate you on it. This puts your past successes back to work for you like mini case studies online, allowing new customers to quite literally find you. Spend more of your time adding value to your installed base instead of (wasting valuable time) hunting for new customers.

2. Get Alerts and Invitations
By showcasing completed projects your credibility increases and you'll receive invitations to new projects that match your skills, accreditations and manufacturer expertise. Once signed up we will proactively notify you when new projects that match your criteria are posted. 

3. Apply to Only The Projects You Like
Invite your contacts and colleagues to join us, by doing so you're also able to apply to and collaborate on projects via Virtual Teams including your suppliers and/or strategic partners!



Eliminate the skills gap with validated expertise. Make decisions based on outcomes, not instinct.

1. Post A Project
Drastically reduce the time, effort and risk of the traditional (cumbersome) sales cycle. Have *rated* accredited professionals apply to your projects. Start a dialogue with those that were prepared to put their case studies (reputation) online.

2. Compare & Select
View ratings given by other customers, gain peace of mind by only working with those that have the appropriate skills, accreditations and manufacturer expertise. Feel free to ask any questions to further qualify and to make sure they understand the project at hand. Find, build and rate *virtual teams* across multiple skillsets and companies.

3. Hire the Best Talent
Invite the talent that has proven track records across the multiple disciplines that you require. Exchange messages, files and coordinate deadlines and deliverables in a private and safe environment. Last but not least rate completed projects; this builds the community that *self-polices* itself.