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Welcome to Robotize.AI, a specialist focused marketplace that allows digital transformation Leads to find and invite RPA and AI expertise to discuss, quote, or participate in their mission critical projects...

The expertise can be individuals, or companies, or teams within companies, or even virtual teams combining strategic partners and suppliers.

Robotize.AI also highlights customer satisfaction ratings on completed projects, like mini case studies online, quickly allowing hiring decisions to be based on outcomes and not instinct. Don't worry, no competitive or sensitive information is shared.

What's in it for the RPA & AI Expertise? Well, they get to receive project alerts ahead of their competition! This allows them to concentrate a larger portion of their energy on advancing their technology and adding value. It also allows them to select from the very best opportunities to respond and apply to.

Robotize.AI matches transformation projects with expertise based on any combination of category, sub-category, brand, skill, accreditation or certification, or industry vertical.

Join us today and let the projects or the talent, quite literally, find you!